Tonto Logistics

Product Detail
DHL / UPS/ FEDEX express to France
Departure: Guangzhou/Shenzhen ,China Destination: France
Minimum Weight: 0.5KG Shipping Time: 1-7 days

DHL / UPS / FEDEX   express to France from Guangzhou/Shenzhen,China

Service options

DHL :DHL Express 2-6 days

UPS : UPS Express Saver 2-6 days, UPS Expedited   4-10 days

Fedex :   Priority Service 3-7 days   ,    Economic Service   5-12 days

Shipment acceptable :

general cargo , electronic , replica designer product , battery ,powerbank, make up ,perfume , chemical and so on.

Free charge : commerical invoice making , package inspection and repack